It's a dark place in a big city. The sort of place where you can spot the poor ladies, it's the hooker's street. (Hey Big Spender)
A new girl arrives, Den Nye Hora. She's the little sister of Skuespillerhora, the leader among the hoockers. With her friends Dansehora and Syngehora, Skuespillerhora tells Den Den Nye Hora that she have to have something special, to stand out from the rest of the mass. (You Gotta Get a Gimmic)
Costumers comes to the girls street every night, looking for something special. (The Heat is on in Saigon)
One of the costumers spots a beautiful young girls, Den Nye Hora. For one moment there is something electrick between them, but then she dissapears, and forgets her face.


Tree months later:
It goes down with the women. They are all sick, but they still continue with the dirty business. (Lovely Ladies)
One of the costumers has fallen in love with Den Nye Hora (Lady Marmelade), and he reveals his feelings for her alone in the dark street. (Roxanne)
At the end, he dies from an infection. Den Nye Hora is in deep sorrow, as she was also in love with him. (I Dreamed a Dream)
She joins him in heaven, suffering from the same infection.